This is the reason why we do our best to counteract the spread of Covid-19 and help to protect people. We are pleased that we have been able to use our longstanding international rights to import protective masks. Currently, we have a delivery promise from an international partner who is responsible for the production of medical technology financial administrations. We work on personal distribution. Detailed information on the protective masks can be found in the product information. The protective masks we are offering are the following:

High Performance Polypropylen Surgical Mask, Earband Type, Medical Class Type II, 17cm x 9cm

High Performance Surgical Mask

Medical Mask

High performance polypropylen disposable medical mask, earband type, 17cm x 9cm, non sterile

KN-95 Facemask 

With elastic ear loops, from Polypropylen and ET heat seal cotton, face adjusting by means of noseclip, size 103 x 127 mm

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